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Friday, March 12, 2010


Not in the real world in cyberspace is not always wrote something called "Virus" in a negative sense. In the real world or our physical body is infected by the virus sometimes causes us to be weak and it is called the "Sick". If in the real world that can restore us in the position of "Healthy" is back with the best medical help given by someone who is competent and skilled in their fields, or that we are familiar with the title "Doctor".

Meanwhile, in cyberspace can not be separated from the name "virus", the virtual world can be explored with the help of a device we know as the "Computer", is where "virus" that will do attack, if we are infected so no guarantees if virtual life we will become weak, therefore we also need to be familiar with the name "Antivirus" or it can be called too As with drugs to cope with "virus" that might be or even have plagued the 'Computers' us.

In this blog, also available links to some vendors "Antivirus" that might help, and least able to complete and can be used as preventive tools in order to "Virus" did not attack us.

Links are available on the "Antivirus".

May assist ...

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