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Friday, March 12, 2010

GPS: Garmin XT setup on Nokia E90

Beginning of curiosity, trial and error, exploration, and the most I envy a friend who can explore without fear of getting lost just to capitalize with HP Nokia E90 is already installed Garmin XT GPS software, pull it out of this software is not paid or Free , so do not worry about losing pulse at the time exploring the streets with your mobile phone.

Accuracy of GPS XT system is virtually perfect, even features offered support information is also very full so this software can really say very good.

The following installation steps GPS Garmin XT on NOKIA E90:

First download the following files:

   1. Garmin XT for Symbian
   2. Garmin City Navigator Map ID 364
   3. Cr * ck for the two applications above

1. Garmin XT

Next, you extract it on your computer. file with the extension. sis, then connect your Nokia E90 using USB to the computer. Mass Storage menu not PC Suit. With Mass Storage mode will appear a new drive on your computer. Next we have to copy the Garmin folder and its contents to the new Drive is the phone memory.

Now you try to unmount Mass Storage, then disconnect the Nokia E90 with your computer.

There you will find the file GarminMobileXT.sis

Please Install the file until the end.

Then please run Garmin Mobile XT which had just installed.

Sign in to Folder Menu -> Installations -> click GMobileXT

Select I Agree when there is confirmation of Use GPS safely.

Ignore all the information on its detected no bluetooth GPS.

The steps below are illegal ways to cr * ack Garmin XT Map.

And follow the options until the end, when finished click the phone icon from the Garmin

Go to Settings Menu => and scroll down to Open About

Note Card ID listed in the About Garmin Mobile XT - This one is very important

Next you please open the file that cr * ck you downloaded earlier.

input Card ID you noted earlier in this column Enter Your Unit ID here: then click the Generate button (Do not close the Garmin Unlock Generator).

Copy all the characters that appear in the Your GM XT device unlock code

and saved in a text file named sw.unl remember if you use a notepad make sure you select all files when the save so that files created after the save is not sw.unl.txt

We continue now click the Select Folder combo box and select Product

You will be asked to enter the Map ID, now please enter the number 364 and then save the file in GMAPSUPP.unl

Ok all right now, please extract the maps that you have downloaded earlier. Its results you will find the file gmapsupp.img

Reconnect your nokia phone with computer, re-select Mass Storage Mode on your hp.

Then upload the file GMAPSUPP.unl, sw.unl and nokia GMAPSUPP.img to drive your Garmin folder.

Final stage, please unmount (disconnect) your nokia from the computer. Then run back to his Garmin Mobile XT. If there is no problem you now have to use Garmin Mobile XT with its Map. But when later asked for ID Map please enter 25 digit Unlock Code Map that you can from the generator above.

Good luck


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OmahKido said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

thank you brother ..

u help me so much.. can I have your mail.. if I someday need your help for my e90 :-)

Neng Geoliz said...

hi, i need your help..i tried to install garminMobileXT.sis on my E90 ,the installation is success but when i went to menu->installation-> click GmobileXt icon, it just appear for seconds and exit automatically so i can't go to setting menu to see the Card ID...
it's so frustated, i have tried to reinstall it for more than 10 times i guess (also tried other resources) but the result's are same...