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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Benefit and harm: Social Networking Sites

Social network sites a few years a lot of popping up, call it Friendster, Plurk, Hi5, Multiply, MySpace, and Facebook and many others. Each vendor has their own tricks to attract potential user should, for example a given facility can create an equivalent to the blog page, games and chat and much more.

With an active email, we can register as a member of an even more Social Networking sites that exist today. Simply become a member of these sites that this is the main reason why now these sites much followed.

Social networking sites are actually many benefits as well, with these sites we can exchange information with another member, we can still establish kinship relationships with colleagues and friends, we can offer services and goods to other members, and we can also get entertainment facilities provided by the site as well as chat and gaming.

But lately a lot of negative news in publishing by various media-written information that a lot of news happening negative effects related directly or indirectly with the social networking site, and intentionally and unintentionally done by unscrupulous member of the site social networking itself.

From the negligence of the responsibility and personal duty, to the crime of fraud, defamation and even up to the disclosure of information a state secret.

Should all of those negative effects can be minimized and even eliminated, all of it back to their private, presence or absence of these sites, if we have embedded individual work-shy people, like leaving the responsibilities and duties, and have a foundation that like to do evil for the sake of personal interests, we will still do so. And for all especially the members of the Social Network site that could and might have become targets or victims, then you need to do is be aware of all the bad things that might happen.

Make sure and get clear answers to the questions that might arise if we would establish relationships within a site, then behave politely, so what we are doing in that site could be useful for us and can even be useful to others.

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