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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Game: Point Blank - Online FPS game

Point Blank, is an Online First Person Shooting (FPS) game with realistic levels high. For FPS-Gamers (First Person Shooter), of course, already familiar with this one.Usually in a online FPS games will have two sides that will face each other, in Point Blank, both camps were "CT Force" and "Free Rebels'.

CT Force

Due to a conflict with the expanding immigrant, the government decided to establish a special organization to deal with the terrorists, selected 30 elite forces in carrying out this mission.
In line with the increasing terrorist threat from the organization Free Rebels, government sending their Forced that the best ever had, then they coming dan joining on that mission and then change their name become CT-FORCE (Counter Terrorist Force).

Rebels Free

Increasing number of immigrants who did not get a job and expelled from society, so to survive the immigrants then perform a variety of crime, from robbery to drug distribution.
This criminal action developed into a movement organized to form an organization called the Free Rebels. The main objective is to master the entire drug trafficking and weapons throughout the world, and creating fear for society.

General description of this game, similar to Counter Strike which also has 2 sides, CT Force (Counter terrorist) and the Free Rebels (terrorist). This game also have a Clan system, the pattern of Team Death Match game (like the Quake games, could be 3 vs 3, 5 vs. 5), Explosion Mission (mission teamwork to put a bomb and blow it up), and the Destruction Mission (mission to destroy enemy headquarters ).

The uniqueness of this game is the weapon can be upgraded and modified in such a manner. Also available additional accessories for the weapons that can be used to facilitate the battle. All items will be available, and can be purchased on the game features at Item Mall.

This Latest game from Kreon also will carry the concept of Avatar as well, where players can modify the character in accordance with their wishes, just like the game Gunbound, Pangya, AyoDance, Idol Street, GetAmped.Point Blank graphics is more nicer and realistic as well as almost equivalent to the Counter-Strike Online that developed by Nexon under the supervision from Valve for Asian Market. Point Blank itself was developed by NCSoft, this company already known by producing some good quality games like Lineage 2 with spectacular graphics, so the graphs of this game will not disappoint.

This game has just finished the beta-close in Indonesia on June 14. There have 10 - 20 maps that can be try to played. Possible Point Blank will be successful because the theme is not currently available, but also must be managed properly. Do not like the games 'vital signs' which is the first online FPS game in Indonesia, which failed miserably.


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